Connecticut State Department of Education

  • CT Learning Hub
    • Universal access to curated tools and resources anytime, anywhere. The CT Learning Hub puts resources in the hands of CT families, students and educators. The Hub is a free and interactive web page of digital resources to support online and offline learning.

    Scientifically Research Based Interventions

    • A curated selection of resources for schools interested in building scientifically research based interventions
  • ReadConn
    • A series of professional learning for K-3 teachers designed by CSDE to support the implementation of the Connecticut Core Standards in English Language Arts: Foundational Skills and comprehensive reading instruction. This initiative consists of professional learning aligned to the teacher reading survey objectives. School-based teams participating in ReadConn will have their learning supported through online modules, face-to-face events, virtual coaching, and webinars to assist teachers in increasing their knowledge and expertise in identifying necessary foundational skills, identifying student skills-gaps, and monitoring students' progress.

    District Literacy Scan

    • A tool to allow district personnel to self-assess current literacy practices and then collaborate as a team to improve literacy strategies. For educators in schools, this scan is a chance to anonymously share your feedback on how literacy practices are being implemented in your school and district. For district administrators, this scan will capture perceptions among staff about implementation within individual schools and district-wide. (In fact, if you administer this scan a few times per year or across multiple years, you will also be able to track the progress of literacy implementation in your district over time.) This tool’s second purpose is to compile many relevant resources and examples that will help you to implement effective literacy practices

    Regional Literacy Organizations

    • HILL for Literacy
      • Our regional partner, HILL for Literacy is an education improvement nonprofit that translates research and data insights into meaningful practice in the classroom.
    • Literacy How
      • Our regional partner, Literacy How is a non-profit organization that empowers teachers, administrators, and parents with the best evidence-based methods to teach reading so every child succeeds.